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Next Real Estate was formed in 2005 with one aim  

“To combine my vast experience in the industry with the opportunities presented by the major Real Estate internet sites such as Domain and Realestate .Com to deliver quality, full agency service at a lower cost to vendors” 

My 30 years of real estate practice had included playing a major role in the development of the Ray White Franchise businesses in Australasia specifically in NSW, Western Australia, Victoria and New Zealand. 

I resigned as CEO of Ray White Australasia in 1994 and spent the intervening years working as a consultant and freelance Auctioneer. 

During my real estate career I have conducted in excess of 10,000 auctions and have developed a very good understanding of the property business in most areas of the Sydney market. 

The Next business plan involved me initially working with vendors and purchasers to prove and refine the concept of a broad based, reduced fee, full service agency. 

Once the concept was proven, we would then bring in partners to operate the concept on a much larger scale across the entire Sydney market. 

I was excited about this new venture and welcomed the chance to get involved again in dealing directly with vendors and purchasers; this had always been my passion. 

Growth from 2005 to 2008 was above our projections and we were well on the way to developing a group of potential partners to move the business from a successful, experimental stage to a fully developed network. 

The groundwork had been done to prepare for the major expansion planned for later in 2008. 

There are times in life when fate intervenes; this was such a time! 

In early 2008 I was forced to deal with a major health issue which in all probability would not be resolved for a period of years and would involve continual treatment for up to four years. 

The decision was made to scale back all promotion and development plans for Next and rely on the support of the contacts and friends we had made over the past three years to carry the business through this next period. 

This was, ironically; the best decision I have ever made. 

I have been humbled by the continued support we have received and the ongoing referrals from previous clients. 

It has also been incredibly important to my own recovery to have been as busy as I have been; working with new and old clients to achieve the best possible result.  

As a tribute to the many wonderful people who have helped me through the last few years we have decided to donate $500.00 from every sale to Neurological Research. 

Both the business and I have come through this very difficult period and I now look forward with a new enthusiasm and; a new outlook as to where the business is heading. 

The original growth targets of Next Real Estate have changed as a result of this experience. 

I have made a very conscious decision to continue as a small and very personal business; concentrating on the original promise of top quality service and excellent results at a much lower fee. 

Originally; I had commenced my real estate career in Wagga Wagga NSW where personal service, honesty and integrity in business were far more important than any “big name, big fee” operation. 

It now feels great to have “come home” to a personal style of real estate business which even in my time with Ray White I had tried to emulate with varying degrees of success due to the franchise nature of that business. 

Welcome to the new Next Real Estate website and welcome to an exciting small business where new technology and old fashioned communication, service and integrity can exist side by side. 

We want to work with you to achieve the best possible result for your home and I assure you of my personal attention at all times.

I look forward to delivering the best and most personal real estate experience you could hope for.

Best Wishes

Bruce Ingrey


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